Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eco-safe; What animak skin trends have took a permanent vacation?

Good evening, Katie here!
Today I drove down to Miami with my family and we took an air boat tour of the Everglades. It was wild and one of the coolest things I've ever done. For half of the ride I was searching for an inspiration for my next blog, and I stopped to listen Cap'n talk about how Burmese Pythons are infesting the Everglades and damaging the eco-system horribly; They're an invasive species. I was also listening to him talk about how people will hunt Alligators for their skin, for fashion purposes. I love animals, so I was sad to hear this. So I'm asking you to not buy Alligator accessories or any Alligator fashion items, which have been OUT for a while. For the sake of the Everglades eco-system; one of the most important on this Earth and the large continental region of the United States, please do not promote alligator skin sales. However, I have a request. Shed all those Leather and Suede boots from last year, and go bargain hunting for a new Burmese Python skin purse, shoes, or wallet! These beautiful gray shoes are Burmese Python!

Obsession:In-die Style!

I have recently discovered the pure cute-ness of Indie!
If you want to add some stylish humor to your outfit, this site will make you jump up and down in those Jimmy Choos!
They're having a great sale and I've bought so many things. Perfect for a tight budget! I've been strutting around in these cute little earrings and those bold lip colors! ♥ They also have a greart variety of products from Jewlery to Pet Accessories to Cute Tees to Home Decor to Makeup and Accessories!
This is by far the best Indie shopping site I have ever seen- four and a half stars, and two thumbs up!

The Guide To The Fashion World

Hey, I'm Katie. I like to start big things off casually. What are we starting off you ask? Well, this is the mere beginning of STRUT. STRUT; Super Tiring Routine Use of Time. Just kidding! STRUT is my fashion guide, and unlike other blogs it allows you to observe all the styles of the world. Also, STRUT doesnt just imply that one item or look is what you have to wear. I believe in toying with my look and experimenting. I'm here with my blog to help the everyday people and the people of every social class find looks that are ATM friendly and don't look like you pulled them from a second-hand store. I know that feeling good about yourself is a really important factor in life and well-being, so why not feel good about yourself in a new pair of high-heels and a new pair of jeans? Welcome to the fashion world, and your connection to the fashion around the globe.