Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why we ♥ I ♥ Ronson!

In today's economy, who wants to spend a fortune on things like designer dresses and Jimmy Choos? I've been deal hunting and have found a solution to your all-important shopping needs. I Heart Ronson is just the solution! Conviniently located at JCPenny online or at a store near you! I Heart Ronson line has a large selection of colthing items, all ranging from as low as 10 dollars to 35 dollars! If I could choose just three pieces from this brand I would choose...

  1. The I Heart Ronson Ruffle dress- It's flirty and springy and gives off a youthful air. But when worn with a cute sweater it's sophisticated and energizing and perfect for a job interview! This piece has no many different personalities it's truly great. And did I mention it's just 30 dollars?

  2. The I heart Ronson denim trousers- They fit well, highlight your legs in all the right places, make them look longer, and are a really great shape around the low leg. Oh, and by the way, they're comfy for you and your wallet at just 25 dollars!

  3. The I heart Ronson Floral Skirt- It's comfy, cute, springy, and youthful. It's great for a walk in the park or a trip downtown.

Oh, and it's twenty dollars... but that's not important, is it?

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